Butch Eckhoff Scholarship


The Butch Eckhoff Scholarship, in partnership with The University of Nebraska Foundation, was initiated in 2003, becoming fully vested in 2011. Utahns for Nebraska continues to donate to the fund to grow the investment from donations to Chapter. The Fund is managed and governed by the Foundation, utilizing policy set by its investment committee. Most of the Fund is invested in the main endowment, which works like a mutual fund, with each endowed fund owning units of the fund. The policy tends to be more conservative to protect the fund during market downturns.

UT4NE currently awards one scholarship annually. Application deadline is the 1st of February of every year for potential recipients. Applicants residing in Utah, having attended high school in Utah, will be given preference over applicants from other states.
Applicants currently attending and enrolled at the University of Nebraska are also eligible.

Interested parties can contact Bo Green for more information.
At 402.333.3474 and ut4ne@q.com


Financial Summary as of 6/30/2018   

Book Value     $10,099.07
Market Value  $10,319.53

Fund Activity 2017-2018

Gifts to the Fund         $0.00
Distribution                 $430.86
Benefits Provided        $600.00

Looking at 2018-2019

Available for Spending   $442.00

Past Recipients

2017-2018 Andrew Carpenter  UNL-Mechanical Engineering   Senior          Park City, UT  $600
2018-2019  Emma Sidel           UNL-Forensic Science               Freshman    Draper, UT       $442