Utahns For Nebraska

An organization of alumni, friends, and fans.
image Utahns for Nebraska, established in 1999, is an organization of alumni, friends, and fans that have joined together to celebrate the University of Nebraska and the State of Nebraska as well! Located at the base of The Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utahns for Nebraska is now a Utah Incorporated, University of Nebraska Alumni Association created for all Husker fans, Alumni, and fellow Nebraskans whom are from, or have transplanted to Utah.

Red Letter Chapter 2002 - 2006


2019 - 2020 Board Members

  • Bo Green - President
  • Jeff Shrives - Assistant to the President
  • Terri Shinrock - Assistant to the President
  • Joe Bouley - Treasurer
  • Alan Anderson - Event Coordinator
  • Jason Sidel - Secretary

Our History

Several unrelated people unknowingly were trying to get a Husker Fan Club going in Utah. Butch Eckhoff has been getting together with Nebraska fans stationed at Hill AFB since 1974, and finally on a steady basis with Dan Wollschlager in the Ogden area for several years (Ironically, they also work for the same company and are both originally from Norfolk, Nebraska and both were brought here by the Air Force). Then in October 1999, Dan ran into Bo Green at a home remodeling show in Salt Lake. Bo had been looking to get a club going but needed help (Bo helped organize Alaskans for Nebraska). Bo added some of the missing links and an alliance was created, Bo, Dan and Butch. Now in its 20th year, Utahns for Nebraska is an Alumni Association Group to be proud of; a common Organization for the celebration and support of all things Cornhusker!

Thank you for visiting! We hope you enjoy our Group! We will be bringing you updated news, information and events with the Utahns for Nebraska, the University of Nebraska, and the State of Nebraska as well! Go Big Red!