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Utahns for Nebraska



image Utahns for Nebraska is a Utah Incorporated, University of Nebraska Alumni Association created for all Husker fans, Alumni, and fellow Nebraskans whom are from, or have transplanted to Utah.

Our members enjoy the comradre that comes with being a NE fan and participate in Game Watch Parties, Road Trips to games, UT4NE picnics, parties, golf tourneys and more.

Additionally, UT4NE operates a scholarship program for the benefit of future leaders attending Nebraska, as shown in the letter below.

Emma Sidel
1710 Arbor Drive Room 258
Lincoln, NE 68503
4 April 2019
Utahns For Nebraska

Dear Utahns For Nebraska:

Thank you so much for the Butch Eckhoff Scholarship that you have offered me. I am a current first-year student at UNL in CASNR (College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources) studying Forensic Science. Along with my schoolwork, I am also working on research looking at mites from Lithuanian mummies. This opportunity allows me to practice my microscopy skills and gain experience using technology that I would not otherwise have access to. This summer, I will be working on research through UNL studying the decomposition of pigs under different conditions. Another activity I am involved in is Out of the Darkness at UNL. Out of the Darkness is a suicide prevention group on campus that hosts an annual walk for suicide prevention. I hold an executive position as the Primary Programmer for the walk on April 7th. We have been working on putting together this community-wide walk and already have over 200 people registered and have raised nearly $5,000 for suicide prevention.
Again, thank you so much for considering and awarding me this scholarship. This contribution is helping me continue my education at UNL and getting my degree in Forensic Science. 

Emma Sidel